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  McCormick Care Group

Founded in London in 1874 as the Women’s Christian Association (WCA), the McCormick Care Group is committed to advancing dementia care through the programs and services delivered at McCormick Home, a long-term care home for seniors; McCormick Dementia Services, a community-based program that is committed to enhancing quality of life for clients and their caregivers; and McCormick Dementia Research, our research program that is dedicated to enhancing the model of dementia care through strategic research partnerships and collaborations.

McCormick Care Group has a long and remarkable history of providing compassionate care to the community, including the establishment of:

McCormick Home
McCormick Home
  McCormick Dementia Services

Parkwood Hospital


Wellspring London and Region

Today, McCormick Care Group oversees the operation of McCormick Home, a long-term care facility for seniors, and McCormick Dementia Services, serving individuals and their families who are coping with dementia.

McCormick Home

McCormick Home has been providing quality health and support services to the elderly in London for more than 100 years, and is proud to provide an environment for dignified living combined with compassionate care. The home cares for 160 residents at its facility at the corner of Kains Road and Oxford Street in London. Staff and volunteers strive to create an environment that encourages residents to be as active, independent and involved in life as possible. Care focuses on adults, primarily the frail elderly, who require a range of personal and health services, and who are no longer able to live safely and independently in the community.

McCormick Dementia Services

McCormick Dementia Services provides innovative dementia day and overnight respite programs that allow our clients and their families to experience quality of life while remaining in the community.

The Mission of McCormick Dementia Services is:

McCormick Dementia Services is dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care in an atmosphere of respect for the dignity and values of each client and their caregivers. We believe strongly in preserving the dignity and quality of life for those impacted by dementia and offer a program based on person-centred care.

Partnership Grants  

Westminster College Foundation has granted the McCormick Care Foundation $58,500 over the last five years.

The first grant of $15,500 was to expand the Art Therapy services at McCormick Home to individual residents who are unable to attend group sessions due to physical or emotional barriers. One to One Art Therapy helps them to feel remembered, valued and included in residence life.

The second grant of $12,000 was to redevelop the McCormick Home Foundation's website.

The third and fourth grants cumulatively totaled $30,000 and funded the Therapeutic Garden Club in McCormick Dementia Services, both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Westminster also gave a small grant of $500 to assist with the new admission teas that McCormick Home hosts every quarter for new residents and their families.

The subsequent grants have been to upgrade garden in McCormick Dementia Services. Outcomes from these projects can found on our youtube site.