Golden Dreams

McCormick Care Foundation is proud to announce a new way to enhance the lives of those living at McCormick Home through the “Golden Dreams” campaign.  Now’s your chance to make a senior’s dream come true!

This new initiative involves fulfilling the simple, yet touching wish lists of those who are living at McCormick Home who, for various reasons, are unable to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures.  We at the McCormick Care Foundation are working to remove the physical, financial or logistical barriers that prevent some of our residents from enjoying a favourite place, reliving a cherished memory or experiencing a memorable moment.

To kick off this new fundraising program, five dreams are being offered and include such wishes as attending a London Knights Hockey game, walking barefoot in the sand at the Port Stanley beach and attending a baseball game at Labatt Park.

For example, one barrier to taking a resident off premises is that there are simply not enough staff members on duty to do without the one or two extras required to provide the mobile care that is sometimes needed.  The Foundation is making all the detailed arrangements, including enlisting caregivers, many of whom are staff members who have volunteered their personal time; making ticket reservations where needed; as well as organizing the necessary transportation. The Foundation will be accepting pledges for each dream as well as accepting additional pledges to build a general Golden Dreams fund.

“We hear so much about fulfilling wishes of those in need in our younger generations that we realized how important it is to acknowledge that seniors have wishes, too,” says Lynne Ryckman, director of development for the McCormick Care Foundation. Lynne says that the dreams to be auctioned off are touchingly simple, inexpensive and very doable.  “We sometimes forget that as you get older, your ability to enjoy some of life’s more simple pleasures can become increasingly difficult.  We’re helping to make these dreams a reality,” she adds.

 The bottom line is ...


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